The Hammer of God

The movie, "The Hammer of God", based on a book by Bishop Bo Giertz, premiered in 2007. It has sold over 1200 copies. The movie is available with English and Swedish subtitles. Included on the DVD is also a study material (in Swedish). The movie is very suitable for discussions in various groups.

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Length 100 min

Review by Dr. Ted Baehr(Movieguide, USA)

“In the history of television and movies, at least as far as the many, many hours of entertainment that MOVIEGUIDE ® has reviewed, there has never been a historical drama integrating faith with history as captivating, well made and profound and as THE HAMMER OF GOD. Think of the best spiritual movies, such as TENDER MERCIES, PLACES OF THE HEART, BABETTE‚S FEAST, and HOW GREEN IS MY VALLEY, and the best sermons and combine them and one would only get 60% of the way towards conceptualizing how great the television movie THE HAMMER OF GOD is. This TV movie has had a major impact in Sweden, Finland and Norway.

THE HAMMER OF GOD tells the story of a young seminarian who has apprenticed to a senior vicar. One day, he is called by a peasant to bring the sacraments to a dying man. This dying man has a clear understanding of his fallen nature and so sees himself as being condemned to hell.  Utilizing some of the most incredible dialogue and integration of Bible with conversation, the movie reveals the doctrine of Grace in an extraordinary fashion, so much so that you would like to show it to everyone who needs to understand the good news of the
Gospel. The quality of the production is reminiscent of Bergman at his best and deserves high commendation.  The acting is superb and truly deserves all the recognition that it has received.”

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